Sunday, April 13, 2014

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow- No 22 Pale Barley

Today I have one of the HG items for most Burberry collectors: Sheer Eye Shadow #22, Pale Barley. Just a warning, this is picture heavy.

Pale Barley is a lovely neutral with duochrome characteristics. Volumes have already been written about this shade, so I'll let you discover this shade with your eyes rather than my words.

I find wear time of Pale Barley to be on-par with the other Burberry Sheer eyeshadows- a full work day with primer. I don't see much of the duochrome effect on my lids, but I tend to blend this out.  I find this shade to be slightly too light to be worn alone as a lid color but it's perfect with Almond and Midnight Brown.

Now, on to the swatches.

Outside, with flash:

Outside, no flash:

Inside, with flash:

Inside, without flash:

And I've saved the best for last- in the direct sunshine:

I don't have any comparison shots of Pale Barley, but don't worry- it will be appearing in some of the other comparison shots later this month.  It's a no-brainer that this is on every Burberry lover's list.

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