Thursday, April 10, 2014

Burberry Lip Cover 04 Rosewood

Today's bit of Burberry Beauty is Lip Cover #4, Rosewood. It's one of the signature colors for the line, with Rosewood Sheer Eyeshadow, Lip Cover, Lip Glow, Lip Mist, and Lip Definer Pencil.  This was actually the first lipstick that I purchased from Burberry, but I held off on a review because I had so many mixed feelings.

I previously blogged about one of the Lip Mists, Burberry's sheer lipstick formula.  Today's post is regarding the Lip Cover formula.  Of the three lipstick lines, this is the most full-coverage. Saks' website describes Burberry Lip Cover as  "The superlight "second skin" texture of Burberry Lip Cover provides intense moisture immediately after application with a combination of oils and light waxes that deliver easy application and extreme comfort. Pigments are dispersed in a clear gelled structure to ensure high colour fidelity, while shiny polymers offer perfect luminosity. Anti-ageing ceramides help create fuller lips, and UV filters protect from damaging environmental exposure."

Rosewood is a beautiful rosy shade with brown undertones, like the eyeshadow.

Like the other lipstick lines, Lip Covers retail for $30 and 3.8g/0.13oz.  This is the same shade with flash.

I've got mixed emotions about this shade.  It has nice wear time and is mostly opaque.  Your natural lip pigmentation acts as a base for this formula, but it's not totally sheer. This is also pearly, unlike the Lip Mist formula.

I think my swatches will show my mixed emotions about this shade. On my hand, and in person, it has an almost jarring amount of brown undertones.

Outside, without flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, without flash:

Inside, with flash:

And then I put it on my lips and photographed it.  In real life, it looked really brown.  But then when I looked at the photos, something incredible happened:


No flash:

I'm trying to reconcile the brown I see with the eye with this stunning shade I see on my lips in photos. I can see myself putting this away until fall, then giving it another shot.

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