Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Burberry Lip Cover 01 Nude Beige

I've waited until Day 30 of the Burberry month to bring you that catch-up post I've been promising because the final item isn't a color product.

Burberry Lip Cover 01 Nude Beige isn't a color that I would normally select (it's a very pale beige), but I received it as a GWP.

Burberry's Lip Covers are mainly opaque and quite creamy. Out of the three lipstick lines, I like the texture of these the best. This photo captures just how light Nude Beige really is:

This color is lovely, but very tricky for me to pull off. I'm going to do my best to show a handful of swatches.

Outside, without flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, without flash:

Inside, with flash:

It's a lovely nude shade. I just wish that I could pull it off.  The nice thing about GWPs is that I can experiment with shades I normally wouldn't without the $30 hit.

Here is Nude Beige on my very pigmented lips. Once again (like with Rosewood), the photograph looks a lot nicer than it did in person.

In person, it gives me concealer lips, even well-blended.  I decided to try a few other things to make this shade work.  A natural progression is to add a gloss. Since I don't own Nude Beige gloss, I substituted Nude Gold.

It simply added a layer of sheen. Again, the photos look far better than it did in person.  I'm not sure why Burberry products tend to hide imperfections in photographs.

Overall, this is a lovely nude for people with less-than-pigmented lips.

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