Thursday, April 17, 2014

Butter London Lolly Brights Summer 2014 Collection: Ladybird & Sozzled

Butter London's Summer 2014 collection has started to filter into stores. There are six new shades, but in a new spirit of restraint, I simply picked up the two cremes.  And to be perfectly honest, one of them was likely for nail art purposes only.

Ladybird (on the left) is a jelly-like orange-red which has actually been lurking on Butter London's website as a runway shade for awhile. Of the entire collection, this is probably the easiest shade to pull off in a corporate environment.

Sozzled (on the right) is a grass-green creme with fantastic pigmentation.  I honestly bought this because I lack a great crayon-like green for nail art. I don't think I'm bold enough to wear this on my nails during the week.

I won't be going into a lot of detail with either shade because they're pretty much as they appear.  I also lack any actual similar shades, so it didn't make sense to create a swatch wheel comparison.

Let's start with Ladybird.  I've got two coats plus Butter London Hardware on my nails here:

It could easily work when we're in the depths of a scorching summer as either a nail or pedi color. Personally, I'd cut back my pinkie in particular, but I'm not a long, bright nails type of nail addict. I was really surprised by this formula and just how jelly-like it is.  It's not completely opaque (which was surprising because I intended to order a creme), but it's very easy to work with.  This is the safe bet of the collection, but a great shade to add to your collection.

And then there's Sozzled.  It inspired me to go on a field trip:

It's such a glorious green, isn't it?  And with the sun hitting the whole scene? Beautiful.

I couldn't help but get my hands in there too.

Formula-wise, Sozzled is just like every other Butter London creme- flawless.  I've got two coats plus Butter London Hardware on my nails here.  Amazing color aside, I don't think I'm one of those able to pull this color off routinely, but I had a lot of fun with it.

The other 4 shades in Butter London's Summer collection are all shimmers and metallics in shades I wouldn't get use out of, so I passed on them. I'm happy with Ladybird and Sozzled.

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