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Burberry Complete Eye Palette Rose Pink No. 10

A quick QB note: I picked up a few really great items that I can't wait to show you over the next 1-2 weeks!  It's just a matter of having weather good enough to get enough swatch photos. I may give up and give you posts with fewer photos than I would like just to share these goodies.  This is the first post of my really great new buys.  To give you an idea, I had to wait 6 days after purchasing just to get a day without rain, let alone sun!

While I may have thrown Burberry Beauty's Complete Eye Palette Rose Pink No. 10 out in a prior Sunday Dreaming post, I never figured that I'd run into it in person, let alone buy it within 8 days of dreaming about it and mere days after buying a solo pink eyeshadow from the line! Ah, c'est la vie.

For the 90% of the country without a local Burberry counter at Nordstrom or Saks, let me share with you a hidden secret: Burberry boutiques are starting to carry the current limited edition shades from each collection in-store.  A recent doctor's appointment left me literally across the street from a local mall I visit rather infrequently but has a Burberry boutique (where I spotted the holiday collection a couple of months ago). It was right around 5PM- evening rush hour. Given the choice between sitting in traffic or meandering through a mall for a bit, I chose the mall. They had the entire collection in-store, with all six runway nail polishes, two blushes, both eyeshadow quads, mascara, lip gloss, a lip glow, and a face product.  For obvious reasons, I didn't want to snap a photo of the setup. Although this review is about the eye palette, let me address the nail shades for a moment.  They're all beautiful but only the green stood out as somewhat unique. I feel like I have dupes for most of the colors already in my collection.

I almost came home with both quads.  Although I was set upon buying Rose Pink (if I picked one up), Sage Green No 15 kept calling out to me.  I love the colors in that quad, but had to keep reminding myself how I can't wear green shadows, particularly light ones!  See this post or this post for some photos of Sage Green.  I nabbed the last Rose Pink Palette, but spotted around 8-10 Sage Green palettes left in the drawer as the associate pulled my purchase. Apparently Rose Pink is the more popular choice, both among bloggers (based the number of reviews I saw) and in my local area.

First, the details.  Burberry Complete Eye Palettes retail for $59, and contain four eyeshadows that weigh in at a total 0.19oz.  For comparison, Chanel quads weigh in at 0.24oz for $59, Dior's quints contain 0.21oz for $60, and Tom Ford quads weigh in at 0.35oz for $78.  Burberry solo shadows retail for $29 and contain 0.088oz of product.

Once again, the Burberry plaid looks irresistible wrapping the quad.  Three small brushes (one foam, one rounded brush, and one angle brush) are tucked into the front pocket. It's a cute touch. The brushes aren't particularly great, but it's a twist on a classic.

I enjoy the aesthetic of the palette, but dislike the difference in the pan size between the central shades and those in the corners.  All pans are stamped with the plaid pattern that's used in all of their powder products.

I'm just going to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of this unspoiled palette. I hope that you enjoy these photos, especially the "sun" ones. I caught some brief sun, but had a hard time keeping my hands from turning pink because it was that cold.

Rose Pink is a limited edition product for Spring 2014.  This collection is dubbed "English Rose," and this qualifies.

Rose Pink #1 is a mid-toned rose shade with limited shimmer.  It's the type of shade that I routinely struggle with wearing.  Swatched, it's quite pigmented and I've been experimenting with ways to work with it.  I imagine it would be lovely on medium-to-dark complexions more than my super fair skin.

Rose Pink #2 is a taupey pink that reminds me of Rosewood.  Upon closer examination, Rosewood is darker and more intensely pink than Rose Pink #2. I find this to be the easiest shade to wear for all-over color. I suspect it would work well on all complexions.  Burberry does neutrals quite well, as I'm learning.

Rose Pink #3 is a light, shimmering pink.  I know I've seen this shade before but can't place it at the moment.  It is one of the more shimmering shades in the quad and could easily read as frosty. It's lovely on my fair skin, but it may be borderline on darker complexions.

Rose Pink #4 is a shimmering nude that's close to my skintone.  It is probably best used as an accent or highlighting shade.  Like Rose Pink #3, this can easily move into frosty territory. I used it mostly as a highlighting shade. I liked the illuminating look it gives, but it's sheer and geared towards fairer complexions.

In all swatches, I kept the shadows in the order referenced above.  Just a warning: these look a lot frostier than they do in person. These shadows blend well and don't have the chalky edge I can see in my photos.

Outside, without flash:

Outside, without flash (direct sunshine):

Outside, with flash:

Inside, without flash:

Inside, with flash:

The sunshine photos show the metallic shine to some of the shadows best.

In terms of formula, I found this to be pretty similar to what I've experienced with Rosewood. I will admit that they're a bit dryer and lack the pure buttery feel that I've grown to love with Rosewood. However, I find these easily on-par with Dior or Chanel palettes.

I tested this palette over three days, with NARS eye primer. In all cases, the I got at least eight hours of wear before serious fading occurred. I had some slight fallout upon application, but that's it.

On another note, I'm happy that this blog is pushing my boundaries. I never would've bought this pink palette before- and I'd be missing out!  This is Burberry item #4 for me- don't be surprised to see more of this band on the blog. I've got a few more items on my wishlist that I suspect I'll be picking up in no time at all.

Bottom Line: I'm happy that I bought this quad, although I probably didn't need to buy it back to back with Rosewood! Looking at other reviews, I experienced none of the formula problems that were reported by some.  If pinks are your go-to, you probably have similar shades in your stash. If you're looking to expand your pink collection, I'd recommend giving this a look!

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