Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Butter London Goss

Surprisingly, I only picked one one shade from Butter London's Spring 2014 collection- Goss, a highly metallic rose gold shade.  The collection focuses on very wearable neutrals- of which I have a pile already.

I've got 2 coats on my nails plus Formula X topcoat in this photo:

I have no illusions about how difficult to work with metallics tend to be, but Goss took me by surprise.  While the coverage is excellent (it's nearly a one-coat polish), the formula was incredibly awful to apply. Even after two thin coats, I needed that topcoat in order to try to hide the uneven texture. Normally Butter London's polishes are wonderful to work with, but I'm not sure if Goss is worth the fight that often.

When I picked it up in-store, it reminded me a bit of Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire.  When I compared them, Goss is far more pink-hued and more opaque:

Overall, I'm a bit disappointed by Goss.  The color is lovely, but the formula is difficult for even the most experienced to work with.

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