Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lancome Lip Lover- Reviews in Review

It's been a couple of weeks since I brought home nine of the new Lancome Lip Lover hybrid lip gloss/stick/balms.  There appear to be 18 total shades, which means I've tested half of the collection.  In my humble opinion, not bad for your everyday beauty junkie who does not receive press samples.  Since I've swatched the rest of the line, I feel like I can speak with some overall knowledge base about this product.

First, some links. My prior reviews of each shade can be found here, here, here, here, and here. Add in my intro post, and yes this is really my seventh post about this collection.

In case you needed a refresher, I reviewed the following shades:

332: Beige Adage
334: Corail Cabriole
336: Orange Manege
339: Fuschia Attitude
355: Framboise Etoile
356: Belle de Rouge
357: Bouquet Final
361: Violette Pirouette
362: Bordeaux Tempo

Swatched- outside, no flash:

Inside, with flash:

Swatched on a piece of paper:

Rather than slogging through my reviews (which if you haven't, I do recommend), here are my quick thoughts (which include some shades I didn't purchase):

QBB's Top Picks: Beige Adage, Fuschia Attitude

Most On-Trend for Spring 2014: Violette Pirouette (Radiant Orchid), Orange Manege

Best Pick for Fall: Bordeaux Tempo

Most Like a Lipstick (opaque color payoff): Beige Adage, Fuschia Attitude

Most Like a Traditional Lip Gloss: Coral Cabriole, Orange Manege, Belle de Rouge

Sheer Alert: Coral Cabriole, Rose D'Eau

Best Nude Look: Casse Noisette, Beige Adage, Rose Ballet (for those who want slightly pink nude lips)

Dupe Alert (Pick one, not both) : Fuschia Attitude and Lip Lover, Orange Manege and Belle de Rouge

Shade Missing from the Line: A true red. Framboise Etoile is the closest, but it's a raspberry red.

Worst Online Shade Description: Fuschia Attitude, on it's NOT purple, people!

I hope this quick reviews in review help. I truly believe everyone needs at least one of these in their stash.  Beige Adage now lives in my makeup bag because it's such a perfect MLBB shade for me and a classic fallback. Considering I only carry 2 products all the time (in addition to what I'm wearing), that's a big deal.

Have you gotten any Lip Lovers?  I suspect my exuberance in collecting so many of these is why I've yet to order the new Fluid Sticks from Dior. I'm lippie'd out for now.


  1. Thanks for the summary! I have 333, 355, and 361 so far. I'm thinking about 332 and 356 next! I'm a lippie fiend lately lol.

  2. You need #332. Everyone needs #332. I never thought I'd love something with the word Beige in it, but it's literally the perfect shade.

    You're not the only lippie field, don't worry!


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