Sunday, March 23, 2014

Laura Mercier Summer 2014 New Attitude Collection Preview

Somehow I feel a little guilty to be blogging about Summer 2014 makeup before I've finished all of my Spring 2014 reviews.  I'm just a tad behind, but the stragglers are mostly nail polishes anyhow.

I picked up a few items from Laura Mercier's Summer 2014 New Attitude Collection. The most exciting thing of all is... Girrrl, the Gel Lipsticks are back!! And they've been reformulated! They were one of my favorite formulas before the reboot, and these new shades are positively divine.  Since I'm a Laura Mercier Gel Lipstick collector, I'll have plenty of comparison swatches for you shortly.

Here's a quick sneaky peak at my selections:

I swore I was done buying lipstick backups (I actually have a backup of Dollface from the 2012 Gel Lipstick collection), but I can already tell I'm going to need an extra of at least two of these.  They're that amazing.

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