Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lancome Lip Lover- 357 Bouquet Final & 362 Bordeaux Tempo

Today is the third of three posts in which I'll be showing you my initial seven selections from the new Lancome Lip Lover line.  There are several ways to purchase these at the current time:
  • Pre-sale of 5 shades via Lancome's website
  • VIB-only sale at Sephora (14 shades) 
  • Select Nordstrom locations (18 shades)
This post contains the two darkest shades that I selected.  Please see this post for comparison swatches of all seven shades. Part 1 of my detailed look at this line is available here, and Part 2 is available here.

First, let's talk basics.  Lancome Lip Lover is described on Nordstrom's site the "Lancome Lip Lover Dewy Color Lip Perfector."  That's a bit of a mouthful.  Their text refers to it as a 3-in-1 (lip balm that hydrates, lipstick, and lip gloss).  This is a brand-new product being rolled out by Lancome for Spring 2014; I have no information on whether these are permanent or limited edition. I suspect it's the former.  Each Lip Lover contains 0.14oz of product and retails for $23.  For comparison, that's $4 cheaper and 0.06oz smaller than Lancome's Gloss in Love line.

There seems to be some debate among Lancome's reps as to whether this is actually a hybrid lipstick or a lip gloss.  After trying this many shades in the line, my opinion is that it's both.  The more opaque shades are far more lipstick than gloss, and the sheer shades lean significantly more gloss than lipstick.

Please note: know your shade numbers, it'll save you time!

Lancome Lip Lover Bouquet Final #357 is described on Sephora's site as "pink." I assume it's just because of the newness of the line, but the shade descriptions are lacking.

Bouquet Final is a deep pink that borders on berry, with hints of fuchsia. It's an intense but totally wearable shade, and one of the more opaque shades in the range.  Lovers of bold lips should really pay attention to this shade. 

The obligatory look at the tube:

And wand:

This shade is back to the formula that I've fallen for.  Overall, it seems that the more opaque shades in this range have worked better for me but I'm still willing to play with the sheer versions.

Here are some swatches.  First, outside without flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, without flash:

Inside, with flash:

And here it is on my lips:

In person, it's far more vibrant and makes my eyes pop as well.  This is one of my favorite shades that I've tested.  My top 3 are Beige Adage, Fuschia Attitude, and Bouquet Final.

I tested this for a day, and like the others it lasted several hours before revealing a lovely pink stain that lasted all day.

Lancome Lip Lover Bordeaux Tempo #362 is currently a Nordstrom exclusive, although I don't know if that will change over time.  As soon as I saw the tiny swatch photo on the website, I was head-over-heels for this and knew it had to be mine.  Remember last fall's quest for the perfect wine-colored lip?  Where was this product then?!?

In a way, I'm a bit sad to have reached this review. It's the final shade of my initial 7 selections.  But don't worry, I may have picked up a couple of additional Lip Lovers while I've been blogging about the first 7!  May? OK, I have. Look for another post a in a couple of days before I do a giant wrap-up on this line.

Bordeaux Tempo is a drop-dead beautiful wine gloss/lipstick hybrid.  It's non-sticky, and although I didn't test it for an entire day, found it leaves a dramatic stain on the lips.  This is truly lovely and will be a trusty companion this fall.

The required look at the wand:

In terms of formula, this shade hits it right.  It's not totally opaque, but not totally gloss-like. If it were totally opaque, it might be too much for a pale beauty lover like me. As it is, it's perfect.  Let me show you some swatches before I go into more details.

Outside, no flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, no flash:

Inside, with flash:

The real beauty of this shade shows up on my lips, where it pulls a bit more pink than wine:

Inside, with flash (this looks more berry than bordeaux):

Now that you've seen how lovely the shade is, I have an important caution for you.  This shade stains like crazy.  It's awesome for longevity, but be very careful applying it.  Despite all of my swatch photos, I can't quite capture the wine-like undertones. There's a brown component to this shade that isn't apparent.

I tested this for an afternoon/evening because I plan to rely upon it primarily this fall. It took a lot of scrubbing to remove it after 6 hours. The shiny finish almost lasted the whole way through dinner, which was a pleasant surprise. Like the others, it's non-sticky.

Bottom Line: You know how I feel about this line.  Go play with it.

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