Friday, March 14, 2014

Tom Ford Spring 2014 Lip Color Sheer- 07 Paradiso

Today I have an ultra high-end lipstick to show you that I never expected to be able to get after it sold out so quickly.  Tom Ford introduced eight shades of Lip Color Sheers along with four nail lacquers (see my review of my single selection here).  Paradiso was one of the early blogger favorites and sold out from most retailers almost instantly. I was lucky enough to nab it when Bloomingdales restocked.

Here are the basics: Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers retail for $49 and contain 0.1oz of product. Originally they were stocked at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.  These are all limited-edition and in apparent high demand.

Tom Ford has brought back the original white packaging with this release. It's ultra-lux.

Like the name implies, this formula is sheer.  The swatches I'm going to show are two swipes of the lipstick, in contrast to my usual one-swipe swap.

Paradiso is a lovely red-coral that works wonderfully with my natural lip pigmentation. It produces a totally wearable yet office appropriate spring/summer shade.  The finish is more matte than I was expecting; in my mind I'd thought these were like Chanel's Rouge Coco Shines.  Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers are more substantial in terms of pigment and a totally different finish.  It's somewhere between a satin and a matte.

Now, the swatches.  In a rare moment of sun:

Outside, without flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, without flash:

Inside, with flash:

On my lips:

I tested this for just one day because I have gotten so many other lip products lately.  I would rate the wear as short-medium, and you'll need to reapply after eating or drinking.  I love the color, and will be returning to it once we get more into April/May and beyond.  Tom Ford has nailed it with this shade, and I completely understand why it's the most difficult to track down out of the collection.  Although it's expensive, I recommend checking it out if you get the opportunity.

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