Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First Look: Lancome Lip Lover

This week. Sephora released Lancome's new Lip Lover line to VIB Rouge customers for a pre-sale.  After reading the very few blog posts reviewing this product, I bought three shades and got a deluxe mini of the fourth shade that piqued my interest.  I picked a range of shades, from both the neutral line and the colorful line.  I'm still waiting on most of the shades to arrive- and then I'll be testing. However, I wanted to show you preliminary swatches ASAP.

My initial selections from the line were: 339- Fuchsia Attitude, 355- Framboise Etolle, 332- Beige Adage, and 357- Bouquet Final. Unfortunately, I split them into multiple orders (I was debating just how many to purchase, formula untried and generally unreviewed.) Only Fuchsia Attitude made the shipping cutoff; the others will be here tomorrow I'd assume.  I have a tracking number for one of the two orders already.

I can't speak to anything but the basics in this post because I only received it after work today and raced to put it on and photograph before the sun went down. However, I know even a brief word might be useful!

Here's a good look at the applicator:

My tube was rather cold, so it's difficult to assess the texture of the gloss in the tube.  I did enjoy the push-button opener.  I find that this formula is glossy without being overly so.  The flash photography gives the impression that the gloss is far glossier than it is.  On the lips, this reads as a somewhat natural lip with a bit of shine.  I love it.

On the lips, it feels very cushiony and moisturizing, but I haven't had it on long enough to test the formula.  I'll be discussing this later when I actually give a proper review.  This post is really meant to give you a first take only.

And now, the real reason I hurried home to put this post together: swatch photos.

First, on my arm-

Outside, without flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, with flash:

And a quick shot on the lips:

The few reviews I've read suggest that these dry down to a lovely matte lipstick, the main reason why I picked up so many colors. A gloss/balm/lipstick hybrid? Yes, please!

This was my initial instinct as a shade that I would love- it's a cheery, bold pink with slight blue undertones. In other words, it's perfect for me.

I'll be testing this formula for the rest of the week and weekend; look for a real review for my four selections early next week I'd guess.  I hope that these photos will be useful as you make your decisions.

Lancome Lip Lover is currently a VIB exclusive on; I guess the Rouge pre-sale was for yesterday only. For those of you not VIBs, don't fret.  These products get released to the general public after the pre-sales. I don't have any information as to when that might be. I read on the product listing page that there was also a pre-sale on Lancome's page, so the line is getting ready to launch this line.


  1. Oh, this color is lovely! I have the promo code color on its way. Can't wait to play!

  2. I'm really pleasantly surprised already. I'm normally not much of a gloss person, but this might just be the formula that converts me. I can't wait to get the other shades tomorrow; I found out about the promo after I'd ordered this one (and agonized over the shade for far too long).

  3. I just opened up the other three colors and I'm already looking at other shades to try. I think I may have a Lip Lover problem...


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