Thursday, March 6, 2014

Givnechy Le Rouge #202- Rose Dressing

Every so often, I get a chance to try a product that I never would've picked up in a million years and absolutely fall in love.  Today's post is a prime example of that.  Sephora recently ran a promotion for VIBs that involved receiving three deluxe minis.  One of them was a mini version of Givenchy's Le Rouge Lipstick #202, Rose Dressing.

Confession: I didn't have high expectations, despite a rave review from Temptalia.  She can pull off far more formulas easily than I can based on lip pigmentation.  It literally took one swipe on my lips and I was looking for the nearest Sephora with this in-stock.  It's such a happy color.

At $36, this was (briefly) the most expensive lipstick that I've bought.  The packaging is straight-up luxurious, from the leather-wrapped case to the studded opening.  Normally I'd be hard pressed to find something as luxurious as I find Chanel's plain black lipstick cases, but Givenchy Le Rouge had me falling over my own feet.

Seriously, it's like saying "hello world!" when you whip out a leather lipstick.

Rose Dressing is described as "bright coral pink."  Yes, it's coral.  However, I don't find it as bright as other corals in my stash.  The formula is mostly matte, and as such a bit drying. However, this wore like iron on my lips, lingering even after I tried to wipe it off and apply balm.  I got about eight hours of wear from the color, although the slight glossiness started to wear about hour three.

This color just suited my complexion.  It warmed up my face instantly and made me look awake and happy.  I found it to be a mild coral rather than a bright orange statement lip. The third time that I wore this, it occurred to me: Givenchy Le Rouge #202 gives a look similar to the Rouge Dior Trianon collection for highly pigmented lips without messing with concealer. It's brighter, but still just as soft and ladylike.  Yes, I put that in bold so that nobody would miss it.  Genius!

I couldn't get back to take lip swatches before the weather turned, so you'll have to settle with my hand.

Outside, without flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, without flash:

Inside, with flash:

Although I have a number of coral lipsticks that I adore, I can see this going right to the top of the list. It does something magical for my complexion and truly makes me look better than I do without it.  I tried this with several different eye looks to the same end result- I couldn't stop catching my reflection in the mirror because I looked so happy, vibrant, and great. This is truly a game changer for me.  It may not be so for you, but I highly suggest trying it out.  I was blindsided by how wonderful this product is on my lips and just how perfect the color is for me.

Givenchy Le Rouge retails for $36 and is carried exclusively at Sephora.  Go play today, trust me!

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