Monday, March 3, 2014

Tom Ford Spring 2014: Nail Lacquer in Incandescent

Today, I am finally going to show you my selection from Tom Ford's Spring 2014 line.  Although I side-eyed the lipsticks more than a few times, I can't get my mind around the pricetag yet ($49).  I can justify the nail polish ($32) due to its flawless formula.  As someone notorious for destroying a manicure in less than a day, I treasure any formula that regularly yields 5 days of wear.

Incandescent is one of four limited-edition polishes from Tom Ford.  You can tell these S/S polishes due to the white caps and gold boxes:

This polish is tough to describe. It's warm yet neutral, coppery gold yet has some rosy undertones. At the end of the day, the shimmer is just enough to look lovely and polished on the nail. Any brushstrokes fade into the nail.

I've got three coats, with no topcoat on in this photo. I find it to be lovely, and the formula a bit thinner than I was expecting- and requires a bit more concentration than the average Tom Ford.

I didn't swatch any possible dupes from my collection because I knew I didn't have one.  Besides, I believe strongly that there's no such thing as a dupe for these high-end polishes in terms of formula.

Tom Ford nail lacquer is available at Nordstrom and Saks.

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