Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2014: La Laque Couture Rouge Pablo

I have one remaining Spring 2014 collection to share with you: my selections from the Flower Crush Collection.

Confession time: I'd decided to pass on the two nail colors until I needed an additional item for a YSL online order to boost me into the free shipping category.  So, I picked up La Laque Couture #49 Rouge Pablo.

Rouge Pablo is a bold red creme that you probably have multiple dupes of in your collection. This shade will be great year-round, and is a nice alternative to Rouge Pop Art. I don't own many YSL polishes, but this is a brand that I'm exploring as of late.  I like the wide brush and the creme formula.  These polishes are naturally glossy, but a topcoat gives them a gel-like finish. I've got two coats plus Formula X on my hand here.

I don't have any comparisons swatched on a nail wheel, but I suggest that you visit The Beauty Look Book, as she's covered these beautifully.

YSL polishes retail for $27 and Rouge Pablo can be found either on YSL's site or your local counter.

And, as an aside, this photo comes with a funny story.  I actually took that before work yesterday.  I was already so late that I thought "what's 30 more seconds for a mani photo?".  The natural light was flooding into my home, and it's lighting my hand from right to left.  I wanted to get this swatched and up ASAP since I already showed you one summer collection item!


  1. I'm sure I have dupes of this, but it's sooo pretty! *sigh*

  2. I know, right? I will say that I was surprised how close this is to YSL Rose Baby Doll. Mid-swatching last night, I had Rouge Pablo on my right hand and Rose Baby Doll on my left. They were close enough that I ran out to the store!


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