Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Nail Color Trio

I know there are a lot of nail reviews lately, but they are easier to write while I'm not feeling well. They do pretty much write themselves.

Urban Decay has released a limited-edition nail trio corresponding with their Electrics eye palette for Summer 2014.  There are three mini nail polishes (5ml/0.16 fl oz each) in this set, which retails for $12. I picked mine up at Ulta.

There are three polishes in this collection: Deep End, a metallic aqua green, Goldmine, a gold glitter topcoat, and Woodstock, a shocking neon pink creme.

I only swatched these on a nail wheel because I didn't want to ruin the mani I had at the time. I can't actually review Woodstock.  I believe my bottle wasn't sealed properly because it was mostly solid and the consistency of a thick gel lip gloss rather than nail polish.  I didn't feel like dealing with the return/exchange process for 1 of 3 minis for the most dupeable color, so I have nothing else to add on this shade.

I did pull some comparisons for two of the three shades. I didn't pull comparisons for Goldmine because everyone has a gold glitter topcoat in their stash.

Despite the formula/bottle issues, I have two comparisons for Woodstock:

Julep Avery has more of a matte finish and is slightly lighter, and Chanel Riviera is half of a shade darker.

For me, Deep End is the standout of this collection.  This shimmering deep green aqua is unique in my collection. Chanel Azure is the closest- and looks simply weak and boring in comparison.

I find this to be a fun trio, and it was an interesting experiment at a low price point. Since I didn't put these on my nails, I can't speak to the longevity.  I can see myself enjoying Deep End as a pedicure color as summer arrives.

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