Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Coffee Break- New Collections Spotted in the Wild!

Consider this one of the rare times where I'm blogging in near-real time.  I've got so many new sightings and crazy deals that I want to share with you that it warrants a quick coffee break!

Beauty Sightings in the Wild:

New collections have landed!  Wait, what? If you're near a Saks, go in and check out the new Dior Transatlantique collection in person.  It's been online for a week or so, but I'm very grateful that I got to stop by and see it in person.  It's lovely (and very nautical, like the promotional photos suggest), but not for me.  I have a bit of beauty buying fatigue at this point in the season.

(All images credit to Saks Fifth Avenue. Please visit the collection online here- or even better, stop by your local store to have a peek).

However, I'm happy to give you my quick thoughts on the collection.  I didn't stop to play because I didn't want to deal with the over-zealous SAs.

My pick of the collection is the Dior Voyage Nude Tan Golden Shimmer Powder Transatlantique Edition ($58).

In person, this reads much, much lighter.  It would be a lovely illuminator on me, but I don't need that type of product at the moment. It's visibly sparkly to almost the point of glittery- and reads more like a white powder flashing gold. Think the next-to-lightest shade in Diorskin Shimmer Star Amber Diamond.

The three nail polishes in this collection just didn't speak to me. There are three- and get this, they are $30 each (!).  For that $30, you receive one bottle of Dior nail polish and a few nail art stickers.  The red is very tomato-red, and the blue a bright cobalt creme.

The eyeshadow quint is breathtaking. It's very sparkling and glitters like a jewel in person. This stock photo does not do it justice. Think glitter similar to the finish on the Holiday 2013 quints.

These are colors I'd wear on my body, but they just don't flatter my blue eyes. I took a moment to appreciate its beauty though.

There are also matching sets of Rouge Dior lipstick and Addict gloss in bright tomato red and nude.

For me, this is an easy pass. However, it's a lovely collection that has been edited to perfection. These pieces are currently (?) Saks exclusives- so make sure to visit the link above or your local store.

Burberry Beauty lovers, I have some exciting news and a bit of insider info to pass along! The Spring English Rose collection has been replaced in boutiques by a capsule collection of permanent items being promoted as "the spring storms beauty look."  You can see the promo images here.

Without cheating and looking at the site, there were 3 lip cover lipsticks (Blueberry, Cameo, and Nude Beige), the luminous base liquid, black mascara, one Lip Cover gloss (Nude Beige), one light glow blush (Tangerine), 2 solo eyeshadows (Antique Rose & Pale Rose), the Pink Plums quad, and three nail polishes.

When I expressed surprise (the display had literally changed within the past seven days), the SA told me that they change out the capsule beauty collection every month or so, and it's usually after the website is updated.

I may have grabbed a couple of pieces when I was in the store collecting an order.

Warning: Deals Ahead

I swear this part of the post should come with a warning for your wallet.

  • Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty start tomorrow and run through 5 April this year.  Yes, they overlap with the widely-rumored Chic Week at Sephora.  You can find all of the deals listed here. This is one of my favorite promotions of the year. There are so many GWPs and events at your local store.
  • Nordstrom has many GWPs but one caught my eye in particular.  Purchase $69 in Glamglow products (aka one mask), and you receive the deluxe sample of their famous exfoliating mask (Valued $19) for free. This is the same size or larger than the size being offered as a BI perk this month at Sephora. And don't forget to sign up for your local Beauty Trend Show!
  • It's still Beauty Week at Von Maur. Lots of GWPs and always free shipping.  If you need to stock up, I highly recommend checking there first.
  • I received several promotional emails from L'Occitaine for this weekend, and it seems that they may be having an in-store promotion as well.  
  • Check your local Sephora for a Pantone Color of the Year launch event, and your local SiJCP for a potential MUFE event today.

I have some exciting beauty-related plans for today.  I'm going to a rather hush-hush event that I'll happily share with you in the future, I promise. I have beauty events scheduled the next two weekends, too!  My world's getting beautiful all of a sudden, and I love it. My wallet? That's another story!

Do you have any beautiful plans for this weekend?

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  1. I can't wait to share today's event with everyone. For a nail junkie like me, it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


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