Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Dreaming

Even though I just showed you some of my Tom Ford picks a few weeks ago, I'm returning to that theme again because Tom Ford and Burberry are my two favorite brands at the moment.  Here are some of the products on my radar.  I'll be sharing some of the Burberry products that I'm lusting after next week.

1. Tom Ford Private Blend Perfumes- Santal Blush ($210)

I am in love with this perfume. It's a creamy sandalwood that has been haunting me for weeks. It's just a matter of getting my mind around spending $210 for a single fragrance. This could easily become my signature scent, it's that good.  I'm just obsessed with it.

2. Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume ($72+)

I'll admit that while this post is running, I'm either picking this or Neroli Portofino up at Sephora's VIB Rouge Shopping event. I'm in love with Tom Ford's perfumes, and it only makes sense to start with an accessible scent.

3. Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color Shine- Nubile ($48)

I've been exploring more natural-looking lips lately.  Indian Rose is my perfect MLBB nude, and Nubile appears to be a shade or two deeper.  I'm also interested in exploring this formula.  My normal first impulse are bright pinks, so I'd like to go in a different direction initially.

4. Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color- Pure Coral ($49)

I've learned to love coral lips over the past year, and this seems to be the ultimate coral.  I believe in collecting classic shades in this formula.  I have a perfect bright pink and nude; I need to find my perfect coral and red.

5. Tom Ford Nail Lacquer- Fever Pink ($32)

Had I been able to find this locally, it would already be in my stash. This looks like a perfect intense pink for summer.

6. Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick- Alabaster ($78)

It looks quite dark in the stock photo, but this is the lightest shade of these sticks.  It's slightly too dark for me during the winter, but with a little self-tanner it should be perfect.

7. Tom Ford Nail Lacquer- Ginger Fire ($32)

This has a bit of shimmer that doesn't show up in the stock photo.  I have had it in my hands multiple times, so it's time to bring it home.

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