Monday, March 10, 2014

Julep Neutrals Sweep Eyeshadow Palette

Although I purchased this item with my December 2013 Julep Maven box, it has been sitting unopened and unused in my bag for months. I guess that shows you all how much I use a neutral eyeshadow palette!

The Julep Neutrals Sweep Eyeshadow Palette is available exclusively at, where it's priced at $24 (public)/ $19.20 (Mavens).  It has 5 shades at 0.02oz each.

The palette itself is embossed cardboard. It reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful Kit in terms of the actual palette.

One feature I do like is that the five shades are labeled on the bottom.

However, I'm not impressed by the compact itself.  There is no real closure (it's magnetic), so it's easy for it to open in a handbag.  It doesn't feel expensive, either.
OK, let's take a good look at the shades.

A look with flash:

Now, let's talk colors, from left to right:

Tiramisu is a very yellow-based light shade.  This is the type of shade that normally I would look to as an accent, but it's far too yellow for my pink undertones.

Glow is an old-gold shimmer that applies quite sheer. Again, it's too yellow for me to work well with- but ladies with medium to dark complexions and pronounced yellow undertones are going to work this palette.

Dusk is a red brown sheer shadow. In the pan, it looks to be the mid-tone shade and a rather basic neutral. Swatched, I found it to be one of the more interesting

Toffee is bronzey brown shimmer that is surprisingly sheer.

Cocoa has the most obvious glitter of all eyeshadows.  It's a rich red brown with pronounced gold glitter in the pan. Swatched and on the eye, it read flat and muddy.

Here are a few swatches so you can see the shades I'm struggling to describe.

Outside, without flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, without flash:

Inside, with flash:

Overall, I wasn't impressed by the palette. I picked it up just because I purchased the full December 2013 Maven collection.  This palette isn't designed for someone with my skintone; this would work best on someone with medium-to-dark complexion and pronounced yellow undertones. If you don't have yellow undertones, pass on this.

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