Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush- Ethereal Glow

Today's product is one that I never expected to buy.  I've never fallen in love with Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Powders in the past. I know that I'm in the minority on that one.  It was no wonder that I initially passed on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes.

I passed on these during the VIB pre-sale and subsequent ridiculous frenzy.  I did my research and knew that these were permanent collection items, so there was no reason to stress myself out to get one or more.  I like my beauty items stress-free, so I avoid overly-hyped releases like the plague (for instance, I don't own a certain rosy palette released late last year).  But I digress.

There are six blushes in the Hourglass Ambient Light Blush collection.  I purchased the lightest, Ethereal Glow.  I seriously considered the coral-hued blush (Dim Infusion), but wanted to purchase just one to test the formula and see if I'd actually wear it before investing $35 in yet another coral blush.

For your $35, you receive 0.15oz of powder blush, which is actually a mixture of blush and Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Powders.  The golden compact is beautiful, and comes with a nice mirror on the inside.  A word to the wise: if you buy yours in-store, carefully check each compact because they all are different. Some are 50/50 blush/powder, others are 70/30, but I've also seen some unfortunate 20/80 and worse blends.  Please be respectful and don't touch the blushes- and make sure the employees know what you're doing.

Ethereal Glow is described as "cool pink."  I agree.  Here's the pan outside, no flash:

I've turned the flash on here:

Application of this blush is different than most.  Hourglass suggests their No 2 Blush brush and tapping blush onto the apples and carefully blending.  Note the shape of the brush- this requires some precision and a light hand.  Lets think this through for a moment- these are half Ambient Lighting powder.  Would you really want to smear highlighter all over your face? No.  While I don't have the Hourglass brush, I used one of the glitter-handled Sephora face brushes from this past holiday on my face due to the small brush head.  I also used it for swatching.

Enough of my rambling, this is what you're still reading for- swatches!  Just a warning, it's hard to see Ethereal Glow.

Outside, no flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, with flash:

I found the inside, with flash image to be the closest to what I saw in person.

Ethereal Glow is incredibly soft and light- this shade is not meant for most ladies.  For us super-pale who just need a very light blush, it's perfect.  It's similar to Dior Shimmer Star Rose Diamond, in that it could be used as a pink-hued highlighter by many people. However, I'd only recommend it as a blush for people who are as pale as I am.  It allows me to look flawless, with an inner glow.  It'll get lost as a blush on much darker skin.

In terms of the formula, it lasted for an entire workday for me.  I tested this for three days and liked the effect.  I think the color is lovely and there is enough pigment for me.  I think this is a product worth exploring, but one that I'd strongly urge checking out in person to pick out the best one for your individual skintone.

Bottom Line: This shade in particular is limited in the skintones that it will flatter as a blush- but if you're in the market for a pink highlighter, stop by your nearest Sephora and play.  I recommend the formula as a whole, and think this one product that is best discovered in-person in order to find the color best suited for each individual.


  1. I wish I had compared the blushes in store,as I would have bought an Ethereal with more pink. Sadly,mine is 20/80 (20% blush,80% powder). It makes a lovely finishing powder,not drying or too powdery of a finish. I may go back into the store and see if they have one that has more of the blush vs powder,but if not,I am happy using it as a highlighter/all-over powder. It is lovely.

    1. There was a recent YouTube video where a brand rep insisted that these are all eventually 50/50 as you move through the pan. That said, I took great care to select the EG that I did; other shades I wouldn't care about more powder because I'm always looking for a sheer wash of color at most.

      I've found that this shade looks like I'm not wearing any blush- but makes me look nicer. That's just fine by me!

      I have to admit that I'm testing out one (or two) of the darker shades at the moment and I'm still impressed.


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