Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tom Ford Lip Color- 08 Flamingo

I've mentioned many times that I had finally wrapped my head around the concept of a $32 nail polish and a $60 eyeshadow trio, but that a $48 lipstick (let's be honest, a $50 lipstick) eluded my sensibilities. That didn't stop me from lusting after Tom Ford's lipsticks after falling hopelessly for every other product I've tried from the line. After reading endless blogs and looking at more swatches than one person really should, I settled in on Flamingo as my dream shade (for now).

After a truly horrible day, I found myself thinking "if there's ever a time to treat myself to the $50 lipstick, this is it."  I drove over to Neiman Marcus and tested the shade.  I swear that I heard heavenly singing.

Let's start with the details.  Tom Ford Lip Color is a richly-pigmented line of lipsticks.  Each retail for $49 and contain 0.1oz/3g in each lipstick.  Bloomingdales offers 19 shades, Neiman Marcus offers 17 shades, and Nordstrom offers 18 shades on their respective websites.

Since this is my first purchase from the line, I'm going to talk about packaging for a moment. The box is slightly textured, just like the nail polish.  I've also taken a photo of the ingredients panel.  These are what make the lipstick so expensive.

The casing is fantastic- deep brown with gold accents. It feels luxurious and weighty in my hand.

This lipstick is pure luxury, even down to the embossed TF on the color.  This may be the most expensive lipstick I've ever owned, but it's also a slice of luxury.

Flamingo is a cool pink with blue undertones. It's opaque in one swipe, and the satin creme settles down to a flattering matte. This photo is true to life.

The flash in this photo distorts the color, but it was so bright that I had to share it anyhow.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to get any photos of this on my lips before the weather turned.  Flamingo is a bright and cheery color that will add a punch of color to any skintone. Although it's a blue-based pink, it has enough warmness to work on warm complexions.

Flamingo lasted and lasted on my lips. It looked flawless for at least six hours, even after eating and drinking. I had to take the color off of my lips after nine hours. It's the best-performing lipstick I've ever tried.  And honestly, at $50, I would hope so.

The formula is flawless.  It's smooth as butter, but with unbelievable color payoff and longevity.  This might be the ultimate bright pink lipstick.

Here are some photos. I wish I could've gotten this on my lips, but it's wonderful.  Just do a quick search and you'll see many, many photos of Flamingo in action.

Outside, no flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, with flash:

If I could think of other ways to praise the formula and color, I would. Some would say that it's merely performing to expectations at this price point.  I've never experienced anything quite so lovely.  I think that this will remain a rare treat- but it's quite the treat.

Bottom Line: Tom Ford lipsticks are quite rich for most people's blood, but worth it for the occasional splurge. I feel that Flamingo is a perfect, cheerful pink suited for most complexions.

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