Monday, March 31, 2014

April is for Burberry Beauty Love

Look carefully at this photo.  Notice a theme?

This was a group photo taken a few weeks ago.  While I was disappointed by my first two Burberry Beauty purchases, Nail Polishes #107 Light Gold and  #303 Oxblood, I fell in love once I ventured away from their nail products and towards their color cosmetics.  I've previously raved about Sheer Eyeshadow #09 Rosewood, and both of the spring palettes, #10 Rose Pink and #15 Sage Green.

Clearly, I've been holding out on you, blog readers.

It's not a stretch to say that Burberry Beauty is now one of my favorites. I'd rank it up with Chanel and Tom Ford.  I've been taking time with my new purchases to really experience the line, so I feel like I can give a good overview for those (like me) who do not have access to a counter.

I'm thrilled to declare that April is for Burberry Beauty love!

What does this mean, exactly?  Don't worry, you'll still get your NOTD post every day and I'll also be posting about new releases (like the items I already have from Laura Mericer, Dior and Butter London, and the Tom Ford Summer 2014 goodies that should be here in the next couple of weeks). However, I'm going to be posting about Burberry Beauty every single day.

Among the products I'll be discussing are the solo eyeshadows, blush, all three lipstick formulas, their lip glosses, foundation, and a brush. As of right now, I don't own any eyeliners and don't plan to purchase. The same goes for the Burberry Beauty mascaras and lipliners.  I don't expect to purchase any additional nail polishes either.

I've linked my prior Burberry reviews in this post if you want a preview of what's to come.  I'm a couple of items shy of the 30 I'll need for a month's worth of posts, but I've been buying each paycheck so it's just a matter of time.  I can't wait to get started!


  1. what is the blush in the upper right? I just bought Cameo and love it!

  2. It's Tangerine. It looks a lot more pigmented in the pan than it actually is.


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