Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Flower Crush Palette Rosy Blush

I have the ultra-rare double post for you today.  This is the last of the Spring 2014 collections, and since I'm already testing and posting about summer, I didn't want to delay for another day!

I know I'm a bit late with this Spring 2014 collection, but this particular item had been haunting me for months.  I first saw promotional photos of the Flower Crush Palette Rosy Blush Duo on a number of European beauty blogs, but it was never available at any US-based YSL counter or store website. Consider my shock when I spotted it on the US YSL Beauty site.

The Rosy Blush Duo contains 0.15oz/4.5g of product and retails for $46. As far as I can tell, it's a YSL online exclusive here in the US.

This is such a beautiful and glorious piece. It will be a shame to mess it up.  I have a silly number of photos for you to admire it.

The compact itself has a lovely "cracked" pattern:

And here's a look at the bottom:

Some more photos of this stunning blush:

Except... this product is mis-named.

You're going to have a very difficult time identifying the blush on my hand.  Remember, I'm a Bobbi Brown Alabaster/Marc Jacobs Ivory Light/NARS Mont Blanc/MAC NC10/NW15.  Blushes usually jump off my skin!

In direct sun:

Do you see it? I promise there's a strip there.

Let me annotate some other photos for you.

Outside, no flash (not in sunlight):

Inside, with flash:

Let's be honest with each other and really talk about this stunning product.  It's not a blush.  YSL did themselves a huge disservice by naming it a blush duo.  The pink and peach mixed together (or used apart) are simply a lovely highlighter duo.  There are some obvious flecks of glitter, but they appear to be surface spray.  This makes a beautiful highlighter for me- and I'll be using it as such.  Applied as a highlighter, I get a luminous effect which is very flattering on my light skintone. It's like Dior Shimmer Block Rose Diamond went to the beach and came back with a peachy tan.  I'll use this to its last bits- but had to adjust accordingly.

This prouct is lovely to stare at, but do not expect to get a blush duo. It's a lovely highlighter duo.

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