Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chanel Glossimer #169- Jalousie

After today's NOTD and a prior mention to this Chanel Glossimer (one of my first, believe it or not), I thought it was time to give it a proper post of its own.  Chanel Glossimer #169 Jalousie was introduced as a part of the Spring 2012 Collection Roses Ultimes with other knockout shades like Amour.  It has since become a part of the permanent collection, something that I'm grateful for.  Despite my pasty appearance and red hair, this is my go-to when I need some fuchsia hotness on my lips.

First, the brief details.  Chanel's Levres Scintillantes Glossimers retail for $29.50, and this shade is available via Chanel counters and Chanel.com.  Chanel's Glossimers are legendary, although I far prefer Dior's gloss wand to Chanel's:

Jalousie is a bright, glossy fuchsia with somewhat-hidden shimmer.  There is glitter in this shade, but it doesn't read as obvious glitter on the lips. Rather, it reads shimmer from within and simply enhances the glossiness.  Jalousie's glossiness lasts for about 3 hours or one venti latte for me, whichever comes first.  After the glossiness fades, I'm left with a beautiful, vibrant stain on my lips for the rest of the day.  Despite the shocking color, I've been known to wear it in the office, working with the stain for most of my day.  You really don't need a lipstick with this gloss- but I highly recommend a clear lipliner.

Here are some photos of this stunner:

Outside, no flash:

Outside, with flash:

On my lips in natural light:

Inside, no flash:

Inside, with flash:

It's such a stunning, vibrant shade that many people would shy away. However, I find it to be the most wearable hot pink gloss in my collection- and now that I've reminded myself about how much I do love it, it's heavily back in rotation.

I'm using this as a substitute for the LE Addict Gloss introduced by Dior this season- check my original post for an actual, direct comparison.  I prefer to fall in love  with Jalousie because Chanel won't break your heart when you go to replenish.

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