Monday, March 24, 2014

Laura Mercier Summer 2014 New Attitude Collection: Reckless Nail Lacquer

I don't often get personal on the blog, but I'm not sure how many posts I'll get done this week. Although I spent all of Saturday swatching and photographing, I woke up on Sunday with a sinus infection. Because of work, I have to do 90% of my posts the weekend before, so this week is likely to be a bit thin.

Laura Mercier and Guerlain are the first two brands roll out their Summer 2014 collections.  Laura Mericer's collection is the New Attitude Collection, and includes 2 baked eye quads, two new eyeliners, four shades of Gel Lip Color, and 2 nail colors.

There are two nail shades in this collection- Reckless and Attitude. I passed on Attitude because I have several similar shades in my stash that I prefer already.  Attitude is a highly metallic light blue- think Chanel Sky Line, just slightly lighter and a lot frostier/metallic.

Reckless is a red-based orchid creme.  In my opinion, it's another beautiful take on Radiant Orchid. I have a real weakness for purple polishes, so it shouldn't be a shock that I selected this shade.  And in truth, I was slightly short for a GWP with my Gel Lip Color purchases, so Reckless came home with me.

It's been awhile since I've purchased a Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer and the bottle has gone through a redesign for the better.  The bottle is the same shape, but the bulky square cap is no longer attached to the brush.

I figured that I had multiple dupes in my collection.  Turns out that I didn't.

Butter London Molly Coddled is lighter, and JINSoon French Lilac is much redder.

This shade photographs significantly cooler on the nails than it swatches or appears in the bottle. I tried multiple locations and flash settings but couldn't get it to look as it appears on the nails in real life.

That is two coats on my nails, topped with Formula X topcoat.

Overall, I think this is a lovely shade. The formula is much better (in terms of opacity) than I remember from Laura Mercier's nail line.  I love the redesigned bottle and find it easier to work with.  This has improved my perception of Laura Mercier nail line significantly. Although I have a few polishes from earlier releases, I don't reach for them and haven't really found them to be a good value at $18.  I'm not sure when the reboot happened- readers, if you know please let me know in the comments- but it was well needed. After this experience, I'm more likely to consider purchasing them in the future.

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